, About me


My work is imbued with nostalgic poetry, contemplation and (subdued) emotion.
I try to express an existential feeling without wanting to force an explicit message upon the viewer.

It’s about inability, vulnerability and strength, acquiescence, comfort and longing. It represents the moment in time in which the size of one’s longing and an awareness of one’s human condition melt together.
The longing for instance for a symbiosis with another human being and the awareness of one’s existential loneliness.
The awareness – which often comes through shame and blame – that the highest form of togetherness one can reach in human relationships is that of ‘intimate strangers’.
The awareness that man will remain an ‘intimate stranger’ even to himself;  never knowing what he’ll be capable of doing,  if only…and never knowing the unconscious forces that drive him.

One could say that I explore the confines between human fragility and strength and pushing it further by doing the same in regard to nature. The thin space between blossoming and decay.

I want to pin down the things I sense in an image. Knowing that I can catch the moment in an image that transcends itself, while at the same time the full impact of it escapes one’s mind.

All this, while realising that the mystery is bigger than man ánd nature alike.

For inspiration I can sometimes make use of existing pictures from different sources. Always leading is my own emotion, pictural and/or narrative elements, sometimes combined with (a phrase out of) an existing poem.
All of this with a variety of materials, carriers and formats.

My work is to be found in private and company collections in and outside of Europe (The Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Germany, Luxemburg, Austria, Belgium, Poland, U.S.A.). In 2024 one of my pieces was used for a bookcover (see publications and cv).
A representative part of it can be seen on this site.
The pieces are for sale. For information on the availability of a particular piece, prices, or any other kind of question or remark, please contact me.